EclipseCon 2021 took place October 25-28. EclipseCon has long been a world-class conference for all things Eclipse. With the Java EE transition to the Eclipse Foundation, EclipseCon has become a truly significant event for Jakarta EE and MicroProfile developers. Due to the pandemic, the 2021 event was virtual (and free!). Jakarta EE unsurprisingly had a strong presence at the conference with talks on Jakarta EE 9.x, Jakarta EE 10, MicroProfile 4.x, MicroProfile 5, Jakarta Security, Jakarta Concurrency, Jakarta REST, Jakarta NoSQL, and MicroProfile GraphQL from speakers such as Tanja Obradovic, Ivar Grimstad, Josh Juneau, Otavio Santana, Emily Jiang, Steve Millidge, Arjan Tijms, Werner Keil, Ed Burns, Rudy De Busscher, and Graham Charters. 

I delivered two talks and participated in a panel at the conference focused on Java, Jakarta EE, and Azure. I also helped organize Community Day along with Werner Keil and Petr Aubrecht.

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