Why I am coding?

I started coding when I was 8 years old, and I am 46 today. This implies I’ve got 38 years of software development experience, roughly 25 as a professional – And to be honest with you, the answer to the above question is actually « drugs ». But before you dismiss this article, let me elaborate on what exactly I mean.

According to research into the human brain, there exists several altered states of consciousness. For instance, lucid dreaming, once thought to be a superstitious belief in the equivalent of unicorns and fairies, have been proven to exist over the last 2 decades. Similar experiments have proven the existence of « flow ». Flow again, is almost the exact same state of mind humans get as they are micro dosing on LSD. For the record, don’t micro dose on LSD – It’s much smarter to do as I do … ;)

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