Jenkins vs GitLab CI: Battle of CI/CD Tools

For the last decade or so, great advancement has been made in regards to Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD). The rise of DevOps testing has led to rapid demand for CI/CD tools. Existing solutions are consistently perking up with time and a myriad of new products or new versions are making their entrance into the QA world. When you have such prolific choices at hand, selecting the right tool can definitely get a little intimidating.

Amongst all the available CI/CD tools for testing, two tools that you should certainly consider are Jenkins and GitLab CI/CD. Jenkins has 16,000+ stars on GitHub whereas GitLab CI/CD has 2012. That’s 8 times more than GitLab CI/CD. However, these numbers aren’t the only thing one needs to look into while selecting a CI/CD tool. This is why in spite of the immense difference in stars, Jenkins vs GitLab CI/CD is having a neck to neck race over multiple review platforms as well.

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