This blog is a special edition because it is my 100th blog! I will explain what this blog has given me in the past five years. If you are planning to start a blog of yourself, you may use this list of benefits in order to get you motivated to get started.

1. Introduction

In the beginning of September, I already celebrated the fifth anniversary of my blog. Now I publish my 100th blog and I am pretty proud of it. It seems not so long ago that I started my blog, but on the other hand, it also feels like I am doing this for a long time. At least, I cannot imagine a life without my blog anymore. In the beginning, I really suffered of the imposter syndrome: I posted blogs, but did not let anyone in my direct environment know that I had a blog. After a few months, I let this feeling behind myself and let the world know that I write technical content. In those five years, I only had one or two negative comments, but many positive comments and I really do not bother about the negative ones. In the next section, I will try to list some of the benefits of a technical blog and if you would like to start with a blog yourself, do read Why Start a Technical Blog. Enjoy this post and up to the next five years!

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