What a 5G Network is and Why it Leads Us to a Brighter Future

In the next couple of years, 5G will be available worldwide, but for many people, the technology remains incomprehensible. Let’s figure out what 5G Internet is and what advantages it has.

Research in the field of 5G technology has been conducted for several years. Since 2019, local operators of some countries have already launched the 5G Internet service for their clients. It is likely that in the next couple of years, a new generation of the Internet will become available around the world. However, the essence of 5G remains incomprehensible for many people, and this leads to extraordinary occurrences that can be quite sad sometimes. In this article, together with specialists from Andersen, we will analyze what 5G is, what advantages this technology has, and whether there are any reasons to be afraid of it.

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