Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the biggest cloud platform in the world, with over 200 features. In this article, we break down 10 AWS services that support at least some SQL syntax, talk about their use cases, and give examples of how to write queries.

Service Description SQL Support Use Case
RDS Postgres, MySQL, etc. Full Small-medium web apps
Aurora Serverless databases Full Serverless apps
Redshift Data warehouse Full OLAP, Petabytes of data, analytics
DynamoDB NoSQL database Some – PartiSQL Ecommerce, building fast
Keyspaces Managed Cassandra (key value) Some – CQL Messaging
Neptune Graph database Some – openCypher Social networks
Timestream Time series database Partial IOT, Logging
Quantum Ledger Cryptographically verified transactions Some – PartiSQL Finance
Athena Ad-hoc queries on S3 Some – CTAS Historical data
Babelfish MSFT SQL Server on Aurora Full .NET

The table above shows how SQL support varies between the services. A graph database cannot be queried in the same way as a classic relational database, and various subsets of SQL, like PartiQL, have emerged to fit these models. In fact, even within standard SQL, there are many SQL dialects for different companies like Oracle and Microsoft.

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