At a previous job (I won’t tell you which), I had responsibility for a platform of 250,000 lines of C# code and 6 developers as the main architect. Our system was built in its entirety around Azure Functions and Cosmos DB. This was a huge company, with some 30,000 employees around the world, and our CEO got a deal with AWS. At that point we were paying 8,000 EUROs per month for our development environment – Seriously!

Our CEO was smart though, and struck a deal with AWS, probably due to that the company as a whole (I can only imagine) paid millions of EUROs per month for their cloud services in total, and was able to significantly reduce this number by porting « everything » to AWS. At this point we started pondering how to « port » our Azure Functions and Cosmos DB to something we could run in AWS. And yes, we even considered running the Azure Function debugger executable locally in servers inside of AWS – Needless to say, but this was simply suicide, and the whole idea was canned, the project had to be scrapped, and a « brand new AWS lockin project » was initiated – The irony … :/

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