The Internet is inevitable in the current time. It is everywhere, and the entire world depends on it to function, perform day-to-day activities and stay connected with people from different corners. Gone are the days when testers only chose to create websites for selected browsers and hardly faced issues maintaining a website on a few browsers. As the technology matured, many significant players entered the browser market. Even the users evolved, became tech-savvy, and improved their browsing habits. Now was a time when businesses were in critical need of cross-browser testing and responsive testing to stay ahead of the competition. Cross-browser testing focuses on the website’s overall functionality; responsive web testing verifies the look and feel of the web application. Cross-browser testing deals with the analysis of the web browsers that their users use, and responsive testing deals with the devices where the company’s user base visits the websites. Let us shed some light and understand cross-browser and responsive testing in detail.

What Is Cross Browser Testing?

We all know that testing cross-browser compatibility of websites « is of utmost importance. It helps understand how stable your web application is across various technologies, browsers, operating systems, and devices. The adoption of cross-browser testing is to provide a better user experience irrespective of which browser-OS-device combination your users use to access your website. In cross-browser testing, the testers generally validate the web application’s functionality and ensure its user-friendliness and performance are up to the mark across the web browsers. Businesses can also take the help of cloud-based automated cross-browser testing tools to have access to a wide range of real devices to test their web and mobile applications. Different browser engines render websites differently; even the version of each browser causes the code uniquely. It means the code behind the websites is read differently by every browser. So, various cross-browser testing strategies are critical for website accessibility. It is how different browsers render a web page:

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